12 reasons why you should choose the SaaS business model

SaaS refers to Software as a Service.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a business model that is quickly replacing the traditional way of doing things. We all know that in the past, in order to get access to an application or a service, companies would have to purchase the software or service, install it on their computer or network, and then maintain it. The SaaS business model has changed all of that, and it has become the new standard for software delivery.

SaaS is a class of software that can be delivered to customers over the internet by a third party, without the need for the customer to host the software on their own infrastructure. Depending on your needs, you can have access to a wide range of SaaS solutions for a low monthly fee, and be up and running in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

If you're an entrepreneur/online seller/enterprise seller who wants to start a business, you want the greatest advantage over your competitors, this piece of article explains how a SaaS can help your business.

Benefits of using a SaaS for your business

Have a good look at the Benefits of using a SaaS for your business:

Low-Cost Software:

SaaS is taking the software industry by storm. By removing the upfront costs and maintenance challenges associated with installing and running software, SaaS is a model that frees businesses to focus on what they do best: making and selling their products and services It also enables your clients to adjust their expenses based on usage. Since SaaS solutions are cloud-based, there are no infrastructure costs for customers.

The goal of SaaS is to reduce implementation costs and time for deployment and lower operating costs.

Flexibility & Scalability:

The SaaS business model offers more flexibility to your customers. If a SaaS customer wants to upgrade or downgrade capacity or users, there is no need to purchase new hardware or install new software, cos SaaS pricing model generally follows pay-as-you-go model.

This gives your customers the opportunity to grow their business with your software. It also eliminates the risk of having to pay high upfront fees for a product that may not be right for their needs.

Quick Results:

Since SaaS tools are cloud-based, clients can see the results immediately. In many instances, it is more convenient as signing up with just a name and email address to instantly access product features.

Easier Free Trial Support:

On-premise software support can be lengthy and tedious. With SaaS, you can provide support to users immediately as well as a free trials for 7, 14 or 30-days. The user can then continue with the free trial version if he/she wishes or upgrade to a paid plan.


There is no need of a developer (unless it is clearly mentioned) to use a SaaS application since the software is developed and ready-to-use. This completely removes the expenses incurred on hardware acquisition, along with software licensing, installation, maintenance and technical support.


As a most popular feature, SAAS enables organizations integrate SaaS applications with other software using application programming interfaces (APIs) without the help of a developer.

No specific Device:

Maintenance of servers, databases, and software are done by the SaaS companies that enables the product to be used over the internet easily. Users can also access and use the software irrespective of the device and from almost any location.

Harmful threat:

Software installed on a device can experience harmful interactions with other software and OS errors. In SaaS, users don’t have to install anything to access the product features. This avoids the possible threat to their system/device.


SaaS is cheaper than software sold through other billing models, which gives the users the confidence and trust in the product to adopt. Saas revenue model is generally subscription based. This becomes easier for both the provider and the user in payments. 


SaaS applications are popular for the primary reason that they can conveniently be customized as per the user requirements. With customized application, an user is more likely to continue the usage of the product as well as recommend the product to others.

Free Upgrades:

For many companies, downtime can be costly.  We have noticed that it happens during product updates. But for a SaaS software upgrades generally, it can be done without experiencing user downtime or with short maintenance windows.


The ability to use SaaS tools around the world has increased their adoption. Usually, there are high chances of sticking with the Saas product, if users experience immediate benefits from the software.

The SaaS business model offers you with endless business opportunities. Widely accepted, its adoption will continue to grow.


SAAS is a powerful tool for the online users that can be used for a small recurring fee. In conclusion, the benefits of a Software as a Service software are plenty. It will allow you to streamline your work, improve communication, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Those businesses that have been able to successfully adopt SaaS have been rewarded with a more scalable and cost-effective method of addressing their software needs. SaaS has also allowed businesses to focus more on core competencies and the end-user experience, instead of having to focus on software maintenance and upgrades.

With a software as a service company, a business will have a more professional and organized way to manage their data. Software as a service companies help businesses to provide a better service to their customers.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform has been a boon for businesses big and small. There are certain benefits that have been realized from using a Saas platform

The organization using such trusted software can provide the required undivided attention on their business, and be more productive.

SaaS is developed to deliver on-demand computing services through applications over the internet. It enhances accessibility, scalability, and reliability by reducing overhead and maintenance costs.

Seamless & efficient integration with other platforms without the help of expensive hardware or infrastructure is what sets SaaS apart from other applications.

Final Words:

eShipz is a logistics SaaS platform that helps ecommerce sellers streamline their shipping process.

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