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What is Undelivered Package and How to handle it?

  In India daily billions of packages reach their respective destination. However few of them remain undelivered because of valid reasons. Have you faced this type of situation where your package didn’t reach its destination? If yes, then read this blog to know the expected reasons behind this and how you can handle this situation. When a package doesn't reach its destination address, it is called an undelivered package. As a sender, you might think that it is a fault by the courier company but in the actual scenario, there can be many valid reasons behind that. Let's discuss those reasons and how you can handle those situations briefly- Wrong Address - One of the most widely common mix-ups a sender does is that they put inappropriate or inaccurate addresses on the bundle. It can be a typing mistake or lack of information however these kinds of little confusion cause an issue with the courier organization when they sort each package depending on their delivery destination. So n

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