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eShipz – FedEx Compatible Solution

We are proud and excited at the same time as we announce eShipz a C ertified FedEx Compatible Solution . Well, how does FedEx® Compatible solution benefit eShipz’s customers? Let’s find out in detail. Open an account with   FedEx  After signing up with FedEx, you just have to connect your FedEx account to eShipz software and start your FedEx shipping journey without much hassle Seller/Merchant of any size can ship packages on FedEx via eShipz Enables to ship your orders with pre negotiated FedEx rates via eShipz   Quick label creation via API integration   Ready API integration available for all FedEx Services New feature update/versions of FedEx, will be readily available for eShipz’s customers without the help of developer Ability to process FedEx shipments in bulk that saves time by eliminating the manual efforts in exporting information into other shipping tools Automated email tracking information to your buyers Send seamless tracking information to your eCommerce platforms N

How to increase eCommerce sales during festive season?

Festivals are a wonderful time for many internet retailers to introduce new products to their clients. As the owner of an online store, you may be always thinking about how to increase website traffic and conversions. Even if you're experimenting with multiple ways to boost sales, deciding on the marketing tactics that will work for you can be difficult. Effective marketing techniques are required to keep ahead of the competition. New brand strategies can go a long way toward catching people's attention and attracting them to a website. In these Covid-19 times, as many people are hesitating to walk into brick & mortar stores, the online retail segment is poised to reap a rich harvest. Best Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales this Festive Season Recovering abandoned cart using festive offers Users who abandon cart are the easiest to convert. Abandoned cart implies that person is interested in buying the product, offering discounts on the cart products can increases the c

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