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Why Last Mile Delivery Experience Matters for Any e-Commerce Brand ?

Is your order fulfillment plan up to par with your customer’s expectations? Customer Satisfaction and retention are keys to any business survival. Providing an efficient and seamless shipping and delivery experience is critical to an e-commerce company's potential success. With Delivery being such a crucial part of the e-Commerce business model and a differentiator, the services provided and the technology that powers it are rapidly evolving. With the coming up of pandemic and 2020 being the craziest year yet, companies are finding it difficult to meet logistics operations in the last mile. Common Last Mile Delivery Challenges faced by ecommerce sellers- Involved Costs for Last Mile Deliveries: Even though majority of shoppers are willing to pay for expedited delivery, most businesses still find it difficult to do so without incurring losses. Following guaranteed Estimated Time of Arrival is a challenge in and of itself, particularly with penalties for delivery delays. To make

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