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How Technology can help in delivering products & happiness during times of uncertainty?

Lockdown, Product Restrictions, Economic downturn and many more factors are crippling the global supply chain. In some cases demand is dropping so leading to fall in complete value supply chain but in many cases even if demand is there , fulfilling those demands has become a Achille’s heel for businesses. With travel restrictions in place, retail store are facing a huge blow but in the same time they are exploring possible options to go Online and even Global to reduce their redundancy on one market. Its extremely important to ship your goods to your end consumer with right set of service partners. Major problems faced by Enterprises in this COVID Pandemic 1) Shortage of Manpower a) Warehouses - which manage inventories for Enterprises need staff to fulfill these orders. Earlier due to cheap labour , many companies have not done required technological improvements to improve their work efficiency and were completely dependent on easily and cheaply available labor.

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