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How Technology can help in delivering products & happiness during times of uncertainty ?

Lockdown, Product Restrictions, Economic downturn and many more factors are crippling the global supply chain. In some cases demand is dropping so leading to fall in complete value supply chain but in many cases even if demand is there , fulfilling those demands has become a Achille’s heel for businesses.

With travel restrictions in place, retail store are facing a huge blow but in the same time they are exploring possible options to go Online and even Global to reduce their redundancy on one market. Its extremely important to ship your goods to your end consumer with right set of service partners.

Major problems faced by Enterprises in this COVID Pandemic

1) Shortage of Manpower
a) Warehouses - which manage inventories for Enterprises need staff to fulfill these orders. Earlier due to cheap labour , many companies have not done required technological improvements to improve their work efficiency and were completely dependent on easily and cheaply available labor. Now because of migrant crisis companies are evaluating multiple options of improving their supply chain. 
b) Pick up & Delivery Executives - With old & primitive approaches of label creation, manifestation , tracking and delivery it has been observed that many of shipments go on a one day of cooling period. Cooling period here means that parcel could have been connected to destination but was not connected because of delay in any of the processes.

2) Weak Demand
As economy was hit badly in last 2-3 months, purchasing power has dropped drastically resulting in over all drop in purchase of goods. eCommerce majors like Flipkart, Amazon & others are trying to revive demand by offering sober discounts. 

3) Infrastructural Challenges - In India, Airports, Railway stations, Freighter everything came to stand still for more than 30 days With grounding of maximum flights, connections were hit badly. Now government is taking necessary steps to bring all infrastructural facilities at their full capacity. With gradual recovery in plans, all facilities will be opened in a gradual manner with necessary preventive restrictions.

4) Inventory Management
Almost all manufacturers are depended on raw materials which needs to be supplied on real time. Seeing uncertainty in businesses, Inventory, stock replenishment they are confused to find one standard solutions which can fit into all queries. 

eShipz helping businesses to automate their processes and improve their supply chain performances.

1. Paperless Order Processing
With direct integrations with multiple market channels , WMS & Carriers, Companies can process their orders with automation. No manual & multiple data maintenance is required. Solutions coupled with Bluetooth printers & Mobile Application give easy power to all pickup/ delivery & warehouse staffs to manage the shipments according to their requirements. 

2. SMaRT App
One Mobile app giving access to Shipment Creation, Manifestation of orders, Analytics of orders and carrier performance, Report of successful vs failed deliveries & end to end Tracking of parcels.

3. NDR & Returns Management
Due to this COVID, list of serviceable pincodes by service partners keep changing frequently. In Manual order processing mode, This leads to lot of confusion on which parcels to be shipped or not as pincodes serviceability are changing very frequently. eShipz which is integrated with service partners and pulls required data in real time will give access to book only those orders which are serviceable . Businesses can focus on their core business and rest of all logistics can be taken care by eShipz. NDR & Return management solutions helps companies to reduce their returns with collaborating multiple data points from supplier, carriers and end consumers.

4. Multiple carrier solutions
helping businesses to switch service providers in case of service failure by one. As per reports, national players are choked with extreme loads of shipments but these are not connected in best possible way because of infrastructural challenges. On the other side smaller and non organised players are waiting for loads . eShipz will empower these players too fulfill the demand by connecting shipments on local partners wherever possible. 

5. Scalable access to partners
Post Covid , world will be different . We optimise  & complement existing players and enterprises with a pool of service providers from ecosystem which can help them to scale. For e.g. any merchant who is currently shipping to domestic locations can go global by connecting with logistics , marketplaces, payment gateway , legal partners of that territory. eShipz provides a pool of 24 partners and many more off-line partners . 

We connect companies to 15+ carriers worldwide — generating shipping labels, manifestation, fraud detection for their COD parcels and enabling live tracking for our users and their customers with complete supply chain visibility 

During this critical time, carriers are delivering more than just packages; they’re delivering happiness, hope, comfort and in some cases, life-saving resources. It is of paramount importance that you keep shipping your products to customers and play your part in helping every single customer & other value chain stake holders to get through this pandemic.


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