4 Secrets to Staying Ahead of Peak Season Shipping

Peak season shipping is just around the corner. From E-Commerce businesses to logistics services, everyone is so caught up during this time of the year. It isn't as easy as you think to partner with shipping companies and carrier facilitators in the nick of time.  But you know what? You can still rock the show like a pro.    Here, we've shared some of the supreme secrets of staying ahead during the peak season shipping, which will cover tips to overcome hurdles, partnering with warehouse management services , exploring the supply chain market, and more.    Without further ado, let's get started. What is Peak Season Shipping? Peak Season Shipping is one of the meddlesome and busiest seasons of the year for the E-commerce industry as the demand for imports and supplies grows exponentially.  Why is it so?  We all love exchanging gifts with our loved ones during festive occasions, right? Regardless of the location, when we wish to do it, we will do it.  This exactly

eShipz – FedEx Compatible Solution

We are proud and excited at the same time as we announce eShipz a C ertified FedEx Compatible Solution . Well, how does FedEx® Compatible solution benefit eShipz’s customers? Let’s find out in detail. Open an account with   FedEx  After signing up with FedEx, you just have to connect your FedEx account to eShipz software and start your FedEx shipping journey without much hassle Seller/Merchant of any size can ship packages on FedEx via eShipz Enables to ship your orders with pre negotiated FedEx rates via eShipz   Quick label creation via API integration   Ready API integration available for all FedEx Services New feature update/versions of FedEx, will be readily available for eShipz’s customers without the help of developer Ability to process FedEx shipments in bulk that saves time by eliminating the manual efforts in exporting information into other shipping tools Automated email tracking information to your buyers Send seamless tracking information to your eCommerce platforms N

How to increase eCommerce sales during festive season?

Festivals are a wonderful time for many internet retailers to introduce new products to their clients. As the owner of an online store, you may be always thinking about how to increase website traffic and conversions. Even if you're experimenting with multiple ways to boost sales, deciding on the marketing tactics that will work for you can be difficult. Effective marketing techniques are required to keep ahead of the competition. New brand strategies can go a long way toward catching people's attention and attracting them to a website. In these Covid-19 times, as many people are hesitating to walk into brick & mortar stores, the online retail segment is poised to reap a rich harvest. Best Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales this Festive Season Recovering abandoned cart using festive offers Users who abandon cart are the easiest to convert. Abandoned cart implies that person is interested in buying the product, offering discounts on the cart products can increases the c

12 reasons why you should choose the SaaS business model

SaaS refers to Software as a Service. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a business model that is quickly replacing the traditional way of doing things. We all know that in the past, in order to get access to an application or a service, companies would have to purchase the software or service, install it on their computer or network, and then maintain it. The SaaS business model has changed all of that, and it has become the new standard for software delivery . SaaS is a class of software that can be delivered to customers over the internet by a third party, without the need for the customer to host the software on their own infrastructure. Depending on your needs, you can have access to a wide range of SaaS solutions for a low monthly fee, and be up and running in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. If you're an entrepreneur/online seller/enterprise seller who wants to start a business, you want the greatest advantage over your competitors, this piece of article

Importance Of Post Purchase Experience For e-Commerce Business

Customer perceptions of your brand are crucial in determining whether or not they will buy from you again. Consumers now have more power in their relationships with brands than ever before; they have more choices than ever before, they can organize themselves into interest groups via social media, and they can openly confront brands via online reviews. The way a consumer reacts after they have completed the checkout process is known as Post-Purchase Behavior . In the era of eCommerce , brands must ensure that customers have a great post-purchase experience. It shows whether their service satisfied the wants and expectations of their customers, whether they will return to the brand in the future, and whether they would suggest the product or service to others, such as friends or family. It is critical to provide a powerful brand experience that matches the specific demands of customers after they have made a purchase in order for them to feel confident and reassured. For each suppor

How is WhatsApp Helping Business Owners in India?

It all comes down to the marketing methods you use to build your firm. Your marketing techniques are completely responsible for the acquisition and retention of customers, be it for a small and medium business . While there is no set approach for you to promote your business, you should keep an eye on new strategies that emerge in the industry and review your strategy on a regular basis. WhatsApp has entered the ranks of prominent social networking platforms in order to assist businesses in growing their consumer base. It is one of the most widely used messaging platform, with over 390 million active users in India. WhatsApp business was created with the goal of allowing small and medium business marketers to reach out to more consumers and users. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers by using the WhatsApp business API . Small& Medium business owners may effortlessly communicate with their customers by using the numerous options available in WhatsApp f

Quick guide to building an eCommerce store for your business

Ecommerce can be a highly profitable endeavor whether you have a brick and mortar business and want to grow online or you want to establish a new business from the ground up. Many people aspire to become entrepreneurs, but prior to the internet era, giving a shape to your ideas was undoubtedly a challenging task. Having an online presence is quintessential to get your products reach out to a larger geography. Instead of freaking out about the challenges to be faced during the inception, embrace them cause we are there to guide you. As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said – “Our chief want in life, is someone who shall make us do what we can.” We at eShipz are here to completely guide you to set up an online store. Anyone with the gumption and determination can now create an e-Commerce website and sell things online. The job of creating a website can be completed in as little as a couple of hours. Even if you have never constructed a website before, the tools available today make it simpl

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