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How to reduce eCommerce returns using eShipz?

Reduce eCommerce returns

Growing ecommerce during COVID-19 Pandemic is inevitable and industry will more spike in businesses as world will try to avoid physical visits to retail store to do a purchase of basic mundane daily items. Lot of innovations in retail Industry which was happening at a timid pace has skyrocketed their efforts to give end consumer retail type experience but fulfilled by Online Channels.

Retailers are leveraging AR technology to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical. Mega-brands like Target, Lowes, and Amazon have launched AR features that allow shoppers to picture furniture in their homes. With the AR market anticipated to reach  $133 billion by 2021 retailers are undoubtedly close behind. 

As online ecommerce grows, Chances of returns also keep increasing. However in coming future around 2023-24 we will see flattening of returns as Shoppers experience would have improved, fraud detection, zip codes serviceability confirmation would have improved. However for the time being online ecommerce see a return of approx 15-30 % returns because of multiple reasons and it also vary as per Industry. Returns have become a new Normal in ecommerce. 

Major reasons for eCommerce Returns in India  

Cash on Delivery - COD Contributes to approx 50-60% of Online shopping in India. Customers feel it more comfortable while ordering and paying while receiving the products. It’s a general customer experience which Sellers have to fulfill to capture markets across Indian Territory. In past customers have faced issues of fake items & quality issues with products. 

Consumers sometimes are elated to see brands offering discounts on their products but their interest keep dropping in case its a COD order and by the time it is about to delivered they may feel like avoiding that purchase as its not a essential commodity. This is not often but definitely this is existing in India and in globe. 

Courier companies have started offering multiple solutions to get these COD items delivered by collecting cash, cheque, DD, card swiping options etc.

Logistics Issues - Many of delivery executives are not equipped or trained to handle COD shipments causing a return to happen. Multiple attempts and taking alternate instructions from Merchants, Enterprises or End Consumer and trying delivering with alternate instructions is a missing piece causing faster returns. 

End consumer may not be able to accept the product even if he is willing and waiting for product because of multiple reasons like unable to receive call of delivery executives, network issue , Address mapping , Expecting re attempt at certain time & others .

Order Cancellations - Before delivery Abandonment or cancellation of orders leading to returns. Merchants by mistake shipped wrong products , End consumer cancelling the order after dispatch and before delivery attempt cause returns of these Orders. 

Reverse Orders - eCommerce offering free return policy in order to gain customer confidence, Damaged or Wrong product received and similar issues causing reverse pick up after successful delivery. Reverse is also a kind of Return Order which need to be handled with utmost care to create a repeat order of delighted customer experience. 

As per our research with large Corporate, eCommerce giants , sellers and end consumer many of these returns can be avoided. eShipz is offering multiple tools helping enterprises to reduce their returns. 

1. NDR Management - A consolidated NDR tool helping business to manage all Non Delivery reports on a Single platform. This helps businesses to avoid multiple sheet and managing all Non delivered shipments manually. Automation tool with pre defined rules can send instructions to end delivery executives for re attempt.

2. Alternate Instructions - Collecting Alternate instructions from Businesses and end consumer is very helpful for successful re attempt. Consolidating these alternate instructions from multiple end consumers across multiple locations and then informing delivery executives for successful delivery.

3. Reverse Pickups - Cancelled Orders and their pickups from End consumer’s door step. Informing Courier Companies with right information and managing end consumers with various Engagement tools helps in bridging the gap. Customer feel delighted when their genuine request of return is accepted and processed. 

eShipz a dispatch management tool helps businesses to manage & reduce their eCommerce returns across multiple channels on a single platform. This ease of management helps them to remain focused on their core business with logistics handling with experts. eShipz has been able to reduce returns by 5-6% for many businesses across different business verticals. These tools helps businesses to reduce logistics cost, give customer a delighted experience resulting in repeat purchase and courier companies get to do more successful deliveries .

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