How is WhatsApp Helping Business Owners in India?

WhatsApp for Business

It all comes down to the marketing methods you use to build your firm. Your marketing techniques are completely responsible for the acquisition and retention of customers, be it for a small and medium business. While there is no set approach for you to promote your business, you should keep an eye on new strategies that emerge in the industry and review your strategy on a regular basis. WhatsApp has entered the ranks of prominent social networking platforms in order to assist businesses in growing their consumer base. It is one of the most widely used messaging platform, with over 390 million active users in India.

WhatsApp business was created with the goal of allowing small and medium business marketers to reach out to more consumers and users. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers by using the WhatsApp business API. Small& Medium business owners may effortlessly communicate with their customers by using the numerous options available in WhatsApp for swiftly responding to, automating, and sorting client messages. It is a viable business opportunity available for all types of businesses be it small or large or for freelancing business purpose.

WhatsApp Audience

It has given businesses a whole new way to thrill their customers. Due to the little communication that ecommerce organizations have with their customers, it is critical that they make their online interactions quick, simple, and as strong as possible. Businesses can now do precisely that, thanks to the WhatsApp business API which has opened up a new channel for customer engagement.

Features of WhatsApp Business Account

      a)  Create a Single Business Profile :

A business profile must be developed, and it should include crucial information such as the owner's email, phone number, and address. The location function, which allows a business to find its store on a map, also requires information to be filled in. To protect the interests of consumers, WhatsApp is attempting to link the WhatsApp business profile to other social media profiles like Facebook business profile so that customers are not duped by phoney business profiles.

         b)  Communication Tools :

Even when the customer base grows, WhatsApp for business makes it simple for businesses to communicate with their customers. The tool aids in the creation of message templates that can be sent to customers automatically.

Important functions of this Communication Tool is -

  • Fast Replies Provides quick responses to consumers' commonly requested questions.
  • Away messages are used when a company is unable to answer to a customer's query.
  • Thank you messages are sent anytime a customer orders a product or requests more information about it.
  • Greetings message are sent when a company interacts with a customer for the first time.

The intent behind business WhatsApp is to allow businesses to stay in touch with their existing customers or leads and to assist them in reaching out to them and vice versa.

  c Provides WhatsApp Web Service:

Businesses may send and receive messages to and from customers by using this feature, just like they can via the app. The smartphone must be connected to the internet in order to use this service.

 dIt acts as a Statistical Messaging tool:

This tool aids firms in gaining a better understanding of the performance of the business. Basic statistics such as the number of messages delivered and viewed can easily demonstrate the effectiveness of message tactics. It will assist them in identifying clients who are interacting and resonate well with them.

Perks of Using WhatsApp For Business 

  1. The customer will be added to a WhatsApp verified list of businesses, giving them legitimacy. 

    2. Businesses will be able to use messaging tools as well as receive detailed reporting and analytics.

 3. Rich-text communications, photos, videos, and PDFs can all be received or sent by businesses.

 4. Aids like infrastructural and technical support for WhatsApp will be provided by Authorized Business Solution Provider services.

 5. In addition, because the specific business use case must be defined, a WhatsApp Partner will assist with the application process.

 6. People will be able to check out available products and make purchases immediately right from a chat on WhatsApp. They also want to make it easier for companies to incorporate the offered functionalities into their existing commerce and customer facing systems.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps by people all over the world. If your eCommerce store has a presence on this messaging app, you can expect a significant rise in sales. 

Set Up WhatsApp Business App for your ecommerce Business

The steps are as follows –

    1. Download the “WhatsApp Business” App from Playstore/App store.

    2. Get started by agreeing to terms & conditions and then proceed.

    3. Enter the name of your company and choose the appropriate category. If you are opening a business account to sell clothes, for example, you can choose the “Clothing & Apparel” category.

    4. After you have saved your business's name and chosen a category, head to 'Settings' and then to 'Business Settings' to check out all the available features.

    5. Start with the first category in the ‘Business Settings' section. Tap on ‘Business Profile,' and fill in all of the basic information that your customers will need to interact with you in order to know about your offerings.

   6. Now, create a Catalog. It is an important tool of the Business App since it allows you to list all of the products or services you will be offering so that your consumers are aware of them.

   7. After having successfully creating a Catalog, generate a “Short Link” and include it on your business cards or social media profiles so that your customers may contact you immediately and begin a conversation right away.

   8. Create labels for the purpose of classification. You can establish several labels, such as Payments Due, Payments Made, Order Requests, etc to categorize customers and inform them all at once with pertinent messages.

   9. Add “Away” and “Greetings” message templates. This will help your customers to not feel hesitated and acknowledge about your availability.

 10. The WhatsApp business quick reply function is one of the most popular feature. You can create a batch of rapid responses to save time and resources during peak order fulfillment hours.

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